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Leopard Print Loincloth

CAST: 6M or more

RUNTIME: Approx 90 minutes plus interval


This play is about what happens when you leave a bunch of guys in a room together.
This play is about stubble and kindness and that hot guy you saw on the train and the way that his chest smells.
This play is about boys and this play is about hating yourself.
This play is about plays about men being the worst thing ever.
This play is about falling in love too quickly and too loudly and how a man and his cheekbones can upend your entire life.
This play is about men.



Adult themes


Coarse Language


If you're interested in staging a production of 'Leopard Print Loincloth', send an email through using the above 'Contact' tab, or by emailing


We'd love to help you out!

Leopard Print Loincloth

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