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CAST: 5M, 1F

RUNTIME: Approx 55 minutes, no interval


Phil is marrying his long-time girlfriend in less than a month. He’s a friendly, handsome everyman – a beacon of local pride in the sweet country town where he lives. He’s got a lot on his plate, and he’s after a chance to relax.

One night, in a rare moment of aloneness, Phil lies back on his bed, and decides to indulge in a little gay pornography.

There’s a storm outside.

Around the erotic climax of the short film he’s enjoying, Phil’s house gets struck by lightning.

A blackout.

After the lights come back on, something’s a little different.

The air’s a little sweatier. The music’s a little bassier. The guys are a bunch hornier. Everything’s suddenly a lot hotter.

This play is about what happens when a quaint Australian town gets blended together with the world of gay pornography.



Coarse Language

Sexual Themes



Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF copy of the playtext.

If you're interested in staging a production of 'PORNOGRAPHILLIP', send an email through using the above 'Contact' tab, or by emailing


We'd love to help you out!


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